Meet Your Building Experts

Mitzi and Todd Spann have dedicated themselves to the construction industry for more than 34 years building new construction and remodeling both residential and commercial.  Mitzi is very active in the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee and served as regional President for Middle Tennessee in 2008 and state President in 2013. She is very active in lobby efforts to help keep down the cost of housing.  Mitzi and Todd have the belief that anyone seeking the American dream of home ownership should have that opportunity.Mitzi is a graduate of the Leadership program set forth by the Dickson Chamber of Commerce and is active on the alumni board. They have made it their mission to be a quality builder and continues to stay active in helping the community and the industry. 

Contractor's License #62836 BC-A (residential) - $1,000,000 limit, Westfield Insurance Company - $2,000,000  BC-B(SM) (commercial) - $750,000 limit